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Pregnant Woman in Nature

Natural Products That Care For Mamas

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Pregnancy Treasures for pregnant women who experience pregnancy symptoms such as morning sickness, tiredness, stretchmarks


Belly Treasures is a unique brand that provides high-quality products for pregnant and postpartum women.

2023 Award Winning Clean Beauty Competitions: 2023 has been a great year for the Belly Treasures brand's acknowledgment by several clean beauty awards competitions. 

Bambini Baby - International clean beauty products for mothers and babies 

Belly Treasures received 5 awards:

1.  NausyBelly- first Trimester Soothing Blend received first place in the Best Green Product for Pregnancy category.

2. Belly Treasures received second place in the Best Brand for a New Parent category. 

3. The 5 Treasures Postpartum Kit received second place in the Best Natural Post-Natal Care category.

4. NausyBelly- first Trimester Soothing Blend received third place in the Best Green Innovative Product for a New Baby category.

5. Nipple Treasure received third place in the Best Natural Nipple Product category.


Beauty Shortlist - Mama & Baby Awards

Belly Treasures is honored to be recognized as an award-winning brand, proudly claiming the prestigious 2023 Beauty Shortlist Editor's Choice award and Finalist in the Mommy & Baby category. Our multiple product wins underscore our commitment to excellence and innovation in the beauty industry.


CertClean - Beauty Awards

We also distinguished ourselves as finalists in the CertClean Beauty Awards, underlining our dedication to Clean Beauty and eco-conscious packaging.


These achievements mirror our core values, affirming our commitment to safeguarding your skin and our planet.

Natural Ingredients: Belly Treasures strongly emphasizes using natural ingredients that nourish and care for mothers' skin. Our products are carefully formulated to support the well-being of pregnant and postpartum women, ensuring that they feel pampered and cared for during this special time.

Expertise in Herbalism: Dr. Esther Levy-Bremer, DACM, the owner of Belly Treasures, boasts nearly two decades of clinical experience in her acupuncture clinic. Her extensive knowledge and expertise in herbalism play a significant role in developing safe and effective products tailored to the needs of expectant and new mothers. Leveraging her background, Dr. Levy-Bremer has created unique formulations that harness nature's power, providing numerous benefits to pregnant and postpartum women.

Bump-to-Baby Bounty: Belly Treasures' exclusive collection of skincare essentials is expertly crafted to address the unique needs of expecting and postpartum moms. Our specialized formulations pamper and nourish your skin throughout pregnancy and beyond, setting Belly Treasures apart as the go-to place for radiant motherhood skincare.

Education and Support: The Belly Treasures blog is a valuable resource for expectant and new mothers, offering tips, advice, and information to help them navigate pregnancy and the postpartum period. This commitment to providing education and support helps create a sense of community and customer trust.

Belly Treasures shines bright by focusing on nature's finest ingredients, tapping into the owner's herbalism expertise, crafting unique products for expecting and new mothers, sharing insightful tips and advice on their blog, and staying true to their authentic stories.


Nipple Treasure

Post Nursing Moisturizer

Nipple Treasure is a wonderful nipple balm that nourishes the skin and thus helps it restore itself, protecting the skin from dryness and unwanted cracks, especially in the beginning stages of nursing when everything can be a little more sensitive.  

-> one of the benefits of Nipple treasure balm is that it is made with all-natural ingredients, free of lanolin or synthetic preservatives.  


-> Nipple Treasure is conveniently made in a lip gloss container, making it comfortable for busy mamas on the go to put it in their purses. Very easy to apply and keeps your hands clean and not greasy. 


-> Nipple Treasure can work wonders on the skin. You can apply it to other areas on your body that look dry and cracked. This happens especially in the wintertime.

Nipple Treasure .jpg


Stretch Marks Beautifying Treasure 

StretchySkin helps with the skin's moistening and nourishing to give a more wholesome solution to the dried and stretched look of the skin, thus helping to reduce the appearance of undesired Stretch Marks.


Pregnant women are often susceptible to smells, so I have created a unique, odorless formula.

Gua Sha can help move blood under the skin's surface, and since blood carries nutrients and oxygen wherever it goes, it nourishes the skin with these substances. As a result, it allows the body to rebuild collagen and 'corrects' the stretched skin, thus minimizing the appearance of the stretched marks.

Together, they are a winning team to combat stretch marks!



Belly Treasures was designed to help as many women as possible to make their journey into parenthood in the most natural, healthy simplistic way.

Belly Treasures is the love-child of the ancient Chinese herbology wisdom and my own clinical experience.

All of Belly Treasures' products aim to help ease symptoms experienced during the nine months of maternity and the first year after giving birth so that women can feel both pretty and enjoy this special time of bringing a new human into our world.

Chinese Medicine


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