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As the name suggests, Stretch Marks often occur wherever there is a change in the shape of the skin when it needs to stretch. In our case, a woman gains weight due to pregnancy, and, in addition, various hormonal changes cause the skin's middle layer to break and be more vulnerable to multiple issues. Among them are stretch marks. 


Traditional Chinese Medical Perspective


In Traditional Chinese medicine, the stretched-looking skin is viewed as dried and cracked soil. Stretch Marks are caused mainly by dryness, caused by qi, and blood & fluids deficiency in the affected area. In other words, our blood cannot nourish the affected areas sufficiently and thus the appearance of the Stretch Marks.


The skin changes its color (can be purple or red stretch marks) due to the stagnation of blood under the skin.


An Acupuncturist's Approach


StretchySkin helps with the skin's moistening and nourishing to give a more wholesome solution to the dried and stretched look of the skin, thus helping to reduce the appearance of the undesired Stretch Marks.


Since we apply StretchySkin in circular massage movements, we can also assist the blood in moving under our skin better, thus helping with its stagnation.


What's another advantage StretchySkin has?


It is odorless!


Pregnant women are often very sensitive to smells, which is why I have created a unique formula that is odorless.


After birth, StretchySkin works terrific together with our Butterfly Gua Sha Click here to check it out.


StretchySkin was made with love and gratitude for mother nature.

StretchySkin- Stretch Marks Beautifying Treasure- Oil Only

    • With clean hands, put a few drops of StretchySkin blend in the palm of your hand.
    • Massage the hips, abdomen (front and sides), or on the affected areas of your body with circular movements.
    • Repeat the process daily during pregnancy, when the skin is dry or if feeling itchy, or after birth as needed.


    ** Be gentle with your massage during pregnancy while applying StretchySkin on a pregnant belly.

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