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This wonderful pregnancy kit is comprised of 4 items:


1. StretchySkin- Stretch Marks Beautifying Treasure.

2. NausyBelly- First Trimester Soothing Blend.

3. Mommy's Energizing Treasure.

4. Belly Treasures Necklace + Two Insert Pads.


This kit was designed to help pregnant women during their pregnancy, starting in the beginning, to soothe their queasy feeling of morning sickness by putting 5-10 drops inside your chosen necklace, enjoying the fresh scents of citrus through using Mommy's Energizing Treasure in the same way, whenever you are feeling tiredness and lack of energy due to all of the changes your body is experiencing, and by applying StretchySkin which is a stretch mark beautifying oil blend on the dry areas of your growing belly, thighs or hips.



* Email us to choose which bracelet you prefer and its color.

** You can use different pads for each blend. 


Pregnancy Kit No.3- StretchySkin + 2 Dropper bottles With A Necklace

Insert Pad Color
  • How to Use StretchySkin?

    • With clean hands, put a few drops of StretchySkin blend in the palm of your hand.
    • Massage the hips, abdomen (front and sides), or on the affected areas of your body with circular movements.
    • Repeat the process daily during pregnancy, when the skin is dry or if you're feeling itchy, or after birth as needed.


    ** Be gentle with your massage during pregnancy while applying StretchySkin on a pregnant belly.


    How To Use A Dropper Bottle With The Necklace?

    • Open the locket of your necklace and put 5-10 drops inside.
    • Close the locket and wear it on your neck.
    • Lightly inhale the fragrance imbued in the bracelet during the day whenever you feel the need to do so. 
    • Enjoy the smells throughout the day and re-fill the locket with one of the blends whenever you feel like having a stronger scent.
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