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Award-Winning Comfort for Nursing Moms


Beauty Shortlist Awards and CertClean 2023 Finalist: Belly Treasures is proud to announce that Nipple Treasure has been recognized as a finalist in two Clean Beauty Awards competitions! 


The Body Care category's prestigious CertClean 2023 Clean Beauty Awards and the International Beauty Shortlist Awards of 2023 competition in the Mama & Baby category.


This honor reinforces our commitment to providing high-quality, all-natural products for nursing mothers and their families.


All-Natural Healing: Nipple Treasure is made with 100% all-natural, lanolin-free ingredients, offering a safe and gentle solution for sore, cracked nipples. Our formula helps to restore and nourish the skin, providing much-needed relief to nursing mothers.


On-The-Go Convenience: Packaged in a lip gloss container, Nipple Treasure is a portable and discreet option for busy moms. Its compact design fits easily in your purse or diaper bag, allowing for effortless, mess-free application whenever you need it.


Versatile Skincare Solution: Not just for breastfeeding, Nipple Treasure is perfect for revitalizing dry, cracked skin anywhere on your body. Experience the soothing benefits for yourself and your baby, as this balm provides nourishment and hydration for the entire family.


Watch the video here

Nipple Treasure- Post Nursing Moisturizer- Clean Beauty Awards 2023 Finalist

  • Apply Nipple Treasure balm on the nipple-areola area after every time you nurse your precious newborn baby.

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