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Those who have Morning Sickness know that it can occur throughout the day and not only in the morning.


Morning Sickness affects more than half of all pregnant women to some degree.


Most women who experience Morning Sickness feel it during their pregnancy's first three months or the first trimester. Although, in some cases, a woman can experience it throughout pregnancy. Those who have it will admit that it is not easy or magical!


Traditional Chinese Medical Perspective

From a Chinese medical standpoint, Morning Sickness can occur for a number of reasons, all of which cause the stomach's energy to 'rebel' and go upwards, which is the opposite direction of its normal flow, and thus causes nausea and even vomiting at times.


An Acupuncturist Approach

NausyBelly's purpose is to try and help ease nausea and take it to minimum levels as much as possible. From my clinical experience and knowledge of Chinese Herbal Medicine, the delicate minty and citrusy scents of NausyBelly enabled many of my pregnant patients to soothe their experienced Morning Sickness to minimal levels throughout the day. This unique blend made it easier for them to go about their day in the first few weeks of their pregnancies.   



Mommy's Energizing Treasure

Pregnancy brings many changes to our lives.


It influences a woman's body on the inside and out. It affects relationships, and a family's economic state, to name a few. Needless to say, with all these changes, pregnant women can experience changes in their energy levels and mood fluctuations.


According to the western medical approach, a lack of energy and mood can plunge due to changes in a woman's hormones. In addition, the body works very hard to build everything needed for a human being to grow.


Lack of energy and mood changes are usually experienced in nearly all pregnant women, especially during their first and last trimesters.


Traditional Chinese Medical Perspective

Different women may experience tiredness for different reasons. Some women may experience a lack of energy due to anemia, "blood deficiency", some may feel it after they have exasperated their bodies thinking that it "should" be able to do more- "qi deficiency", some experience emotional stress "qi stagnation," and some women are simply dehydrated.   


An Acupuncturist's Approach

As an acupuncturist, I believe a pregnant woman should listen to her body as much as possible. With the help of either your western medical provider or acupuncturist, make sure to take your supplements and vitamins regularly, eat foods that benefit your body, drink enough water, let yourself rest whenever you can, and breathe deeply throughout the day.


Acupuncture is beneficial at any stage of pregnancy. So find a licensed acupuncturist that you feel comfortable with and work with them.


Mommy's Energizing Treasure is made with essential oils such as citrus that have a refreshing scent and are known in traditional medicine to help elevate our energy levels and reduce stress. The Chamomile flower is known in traditional medicine as one that helps us feel calm and reduce stress.


** Check out the blog for more ways to assist your pregnancy tiredness. 

Pregnancy Kit No. 4 -NausyBelly with Mommy's Energizing Treasure Roll-On Bottles

  • 1. Roll-On the oil blend on the inner wrist or behind your ear lobes.

    2. Enjoy the smell throughout your day, and apply more as needed.

    ** Since NausyBelly blend is comprised of photosensitive oils, please refrain from applying it on body areas that would be exposed to the sun. 

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