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Those who have Morning Sickness know that it can occur throughout the day and not only in the morning.


Morning Sickness affects more than half of all pregnant women to some degree.


Most women who experience Morning Sickness feel it during their pregnancy's first three months or the first trimester. Although, in some cases, a woman can experience it throughout pregnancy. Those who have it will admit that it is not easy or magical!


Traditional Chinese Medical Perspective


From a Chinese medical standpoint, Morning Sickness can occur for a number of reasons, all of which cause the stomach's energy to 'rebel' and go upwards, which is the opposite direction of its normal flow, and thus causes nausea and even vomiting at times.


An Acupuncturist Approach


NausyBelly's purpose is to try and help ease nausea and take it to minimum levels as much as possible. From my clinical experience and knowledge of Chinese Herbal Medicine, the delicate minty, and citrusy scents of NausyBelly enabled many of my pregnant patients to reduce their experienced Morning Sickness to minimal levels throughout the day. This unique blend made it easier for them to go about their day in the first few weeks of their pregnancies.   


Watch the video here.


NaustBelly was made with love and appreciation for mother nature. 

NausyBelly- First Trimester Soothing Blend With Bracelet

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    • Open the locket of your bracelet or neckless and put 10 drops inside.
    • Close the locket and wear it either on your wrist or neck.
    • Lightly inhale the fragrance imbued in the locket or bracelet during the day whenever you feel queasy, nauseous, or have other feelings of Morning Sickness.
    • Enjoy the smells throughout the day and re-fill the locket with NausyBellyTM drops whenever you feel like having a stronger scent.